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DAN TESTING (All Masters in attendance) Hunts Leisure Centre 2 - 6pm Sam Dan & E Dan attendance only necessary due to limited space.   May 18th - Wales Gup testing (M.Khan, J.Green) May 18th - Bristol Gup testing (M.Khan, J.Green, T.Butcher)] May 24th-26th- Scotland Gup testing & seminar (M.Khan,S.Sweeney,S.Sweeney) NATIONAL CHO DAN & CHO DAN BO CLASS Hunts Leisure Centre 4 - 6pm May 28th-31st-2013 European Masters & leadership clinic germany. Participation by invitation only. 2013 EUROPEAN BLACK BELT & CHO DAN BO CLINIC. Germany more info nearer the time.   2013 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP GERMANY Competition registration through instructors!  June 8th - Cambs North Gup testing (M.Khan, P.Wiskin, L.Bradbury,S.Bradbury) June 8th – Northern Gup testing & seminar (C.Carter,M.Silk)  CAMBS SOUTH GUP TESTING (M.Khan, C.Carter, D.Khan) Hunts Leisure Centre 2 - 6PM Instructors please allocate testing times according to the grade your students are testing for. June 22nd – Coventry Gup testing (M.Khan, J.Bratchie,N.Khan) June 29th - London Gup testing (M.Khan, R.Bernarte L.Hartt, B.Harper) NATIONAL CHO DAN & CHO DAN BO CLASS Hunts Leisure Centre 4 - 6PM
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