Comberton Tang Soo Do
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Tang Soo Do is a two thousand year old martial art system and the techniques and philosophies are still taught in keeping with ancient traditions. The philosophy is not one of promoting violence but to provide a way of life that will guide the practitioner in all areas of life. The World Tang Soo Do Association in which Comberton Tang Soo Do is affiliated, was founded in 1982 and since that time has expanded to many countries around the world.The founder of the association is Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, a highly respected figure within the world of martial arts. He has devoted his life to the teaching of this art combining all he has learned to create this highly effective system.
Comberton Tang Soo Do was formed by Mrs Cathy Sparks and mrs Tracy Knights in 20.. in Cambourne, and for a time was in Bourne before moving to it’s current home in Comberton run by Mr Paul Ireson.The club presently has students of all ages from white belt to black belt and aims to teach the discipline of the martial art whilst maintaining a friendly and fun atmosphere.The club teaches all aspects of the art focussing on self-defense and will increase the fitness and confidence of all the students.
Mr Paul Ireson is a 3rd Dan black belt with over 20 years experience of Tang Soo Do. He took over as instructor at Comberton Tang Soo Do in 2007. He is a registered instructor in the World TSD Association, qualified first aider and enhanced CRB checked. Mr Ireson brings great passion, energy and expertise to the class and is dedicated to bringing the best out in his students.
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